Kitchener Coin Shop was established in 1965 and specializes in the buying and selling of Canadian decimal coins, paper money, gold & silver bullion, and Canadian Mint products.


We are qualified to do appraisals for insurance and/or estate purposes and we offer competative prices for your coins regardless of the size of the collection. Please note, because condition is such an important part of the value of collectables we are unable to quote prices sight unseen. Please bring in your collection for a quote.


We carry a large selection of mint sets starting as early as 1961. Did you know that Mint Sets are available in a number of different striking qualities? Modern day mint sets are separated into 3 types.


This is the finest striking quality available in coins. The modern Proof Sets contain 8 coins; the Silver Dollar, the "Toonie", the "Loonie", the Fifty Cent piece (or Half Dollar), the Quarter, Dime, Nickle, and the Penny. Another feature of the Proof Set is that the coins are all produced using Precious Metals! Gold, Silver, and Bronze! These coins are stamped on special blanks and have a brilliant shiny background and the raised surfaces have a frosted finish.


The Specimen set uses the same metal alloys as the coins which we use in normal circulation (excluding the penny which is solid bronze). The finish is a three-fold combination of brilliant and frosted relief on a line finish background. The Specimen set contains 7 coins from the "Toonie" to the Penny.


The Uncirculated set is available in 3 formats. The first which is most commonly purchased by collectors comes in a soft plasic casing, packaged in a printed envelope. These sets contain the 7 coins from the "Toonie" to the Penny. The Two Dollar coin has a combination finish of brilliant(shiny) and frosted, and the remainder of the coins have a brilliant finish.

Looking for a set to commemorate a special year? Let us know, if we don't have it we will do our best to find it for you!


There are several different forms in which you can purchase precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum. Bars are commonly available in sizes ranging from 1/2 ounce to 10 ounces, although many other sizes are also produced. Another popular way to purchase bullion is in the form of coins. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is available in sizes ranging from 1/20th an ounce to a full ounce. There are many other types of gold bullion coins available such as the krugerrand, British Sovereigns and the Austrian 1 and 4 Ducats. Silver and Platinum bullion is issued by The Royal Canadian Mint in a variety of attractive collectable coins and sets, such as the Silver Save the Whales Collectable Set and the Silver and Platinum Maple Leafs. We buy and sell bullion at competitive prices, based on the current market value. Please call us for an quote.


Tarnish does not devalue a coin, however and inexperienced cleaning can. Most cleaning solutions have an abrasive agent or etching acid that can cause damage. When handling Mint Sets, do not touch the flat surface of the coins as the oils in your hands can leave marks on the coins.

Because the grade (or condition) of your coins determines the value, it is important that you learn what determines the grade of the coins.

Check with your local library or purchase a good guide. Chose a book which covers all aspects of what you are collecting. ie: how to grade, variations/mint marks, prices based on condition.

Do some research! Take the time to choose an area of collecting that appeals to you and is within your means. Nothing could be more dissapointing than being unable to complete a set because of one unobtainable item.

A very popular item for gift giving are the specimen sets know as the OH CANADA Set, and the TINY TREASURES Set. Reasonably priced and attractively packaged, they are ideal for births, christenings, graduation, and birthdays, just to name a few .