Serving the K-W community since 1965

As a young man Mike Drandzyk decided to complete the coin collection he had started as a young boy. Eventually that collection expanded until it became KITCHENER COIN SHOP. Kitchener Coin has been growing and serving the K-W community since 1965. Now, as well as an extensive coin collection, Mike, along with his wife Mary have an impressive collection of SportsCards, collectable Figurines, Estate Jewellery, and other Collectables. We hope that if you are in the Kitchener area you stop by and say hello and take a look around. And if you can't come and visit us in person please feel free to drop us an email.

Kitchener Coin

618 King St. E.
Kitchener, ON
T. (519) 742 - 9181
F. (519) 742 - 4652

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